Son of Man

A child’s sigh,
a cry from the cross.
The Word takes on a voice
so that the many voices
become a word.

Then every despair
is filled with hope,
every appeal for justice
is answered at last.

Lowered and raised,
Love given over
reveals Himself
in Bethlehem’s Light,
in Golgota’s Night .

I see my face in His.
And in His Gaze,
the Light in which I live.
In His Word,
the resonance of the Father
who in Himself created us.

Wide-open gate
which brings us to Life.
Never ending path
in which we are
when we are not.

Ineffable lovingness
of God made Man,
one among many
but still Himself.

Jesus of Nazareth,
heart of our story
and of mine!

In You,
Silence which speaks,
may we be Word
beyond the present time.

Cinto Busquet
from the book Caminant Endins,
Edimurtra, Barcelona 2006.

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