East and West

a search for meaning

East and West: a search for meaning is written in the form of a dialogue between companions who are linked together by the common journey of life. It touches on various aspects and themes of existence which are often deeply felt by those who are searching for meaning in life. Much of the material in the book springs from the author’s own life experience in the form of a meditated encounter between his own European cultural background and the almost two decades which he spent living in Japan. It is shared in the hope of providing a starting point for a form of reciprocal enrichment which comes from a reflection on that which we all have in common, believers and non-believers, Christians and members of others religious traditions.

In language which is modern, simple, direct, the author presents the message of Christ’s love in the essential authenticity of its original beauty and its relevance to today’s world. What emerges is a profound appreciation of the extent to which this message is suited to the emerging trends of the new millennium and the need for a mutually enriching encounter between cultures, spiritualities and religious traditions.

Cinto Busqauet

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